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Learning a 2'nd language is not only exciting but it can literally change your life by opening new doors for travel, your career, and your relationships. Imagine exploring exotic lands with the power to communicate with locals your experiences, your questions, and most importantly your feelings.
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This is a complete interactive foreign language learning solution, offering an in-depth learning system to achieve all-around fluency in a foreign language. Unique "real-world" conversation simulations enhance your learning experience as you are able to converse and compare your pronunciation to native speakers.
Immerse yourself in the Chinese language! Learn to speak, read and write with natural confidence. Featuring a full years worth of robust, engaging curriculum, Express Yourself offers a convenient, comprehensive language study solution. Whether you’re planning a vacation, traveling for work, or just brushing up your skills for fun, 1mandarin.com.my program brings your goals within reach.

It's your turn. Sculpt a new, brighter future. And sooner than you think, clients, classmates, coworkers, friends and relatives will notice the difference. It's time to make your move toward the front of the line. Avoid embarrassing mistakes and infuse your communication with the right words - easily.